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Yamaha Europe

Yamaha Europe

Yamaha Europe needed a new UX model and design for how to better integrate their existing accessories with the forthcoming release of new bikes.

I was part of relatively small team which remodelled this fairly complex section of the site from the ground up. We had to work with existing agencies and help develop a style which would form the basis for yamaha going beyond 2013. I was art director for the project and oversaw the differing concepts which we presented along with the final designs which will be released progressively in Q4 of 2013.


The challenge was to integrate the many different and fragmented sections of the existing site and unify these whilst keeping the business requirements intact. Other responsibilities were to oversee the team as we deployed designs to development and ensure we have consistency in the approach and style. I have worked on many large scale sites which require exacting design deliveries for development and am able to work with the team in providing an effective solution which delivers smoothly.


The overall approach was developed as a result of consultation with the client as they particularly liked a hybrid of 2 original concepts. As art director I made sure we managed to remain true to our original ideas and fought for design ideas we felt were integral to the look and feel of what we set out to achieve.


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