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We Love

We Love

The internal communications strategy at We Love is important to the company and we always looked to put out eDM’s which capture the flavour of what is happening right now, tying in to cultural, seasonal and current trends.

I have been responsible for the output of these communications working closely with the copywriters to ensure we get the right communication language and brand message across. As a relatively small agency we had to ensure that we generate the right responses and build on the existing database. We had very good responses to our differing approach and a strong click through rate which built relationships and started conversation.


As a celebration of our 5th birthday we put together a project to advocate 5 reasons to celebrate SoLoMo. This culminated in a one page site with illustrations around each of the 5 areas. It generated interest in our social and application offering with a couple of mobile projects initiated as conversations progressed from clients receiving this latest communication.


3 years old

To celebrate We Love Digital turning three, we put together a concept which looked back at the journey of We Love Digital so far – creating a story that captures what they stand for today.

‘We are who we wanted to be’ focused on youthful exuberance, fearlessness and enthusiasm for what we do. We wanted to highlight how the early seeds of their idea to start up an agency with a difference had grown to fruition and how the company stands today.

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