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I worked on developing a set of product pages for the forthcoming release of the new Sony global site in Q4 of 2013. I was art director for the project which saw the transition of 4 products from Sony Mobile into product pages for Sony.com.

This project started with face to face briefings in San Francisco and my role was to oversee, with the creative director from Sony Mobile, the design and delivery of these pages for system integration. Liaising with different teams in differing locations we had to map key features to benefits and communicate these using the new approach and framework for the project.

Assessing the structure and how the flow of how the product story was told were key. We designed a narrative for each of these that centred around experience, validation and information which defined user cases for the products.

We also had the opportunity to define the photography which would be shot for some of the products, defining shot lists which best communicated the benefits at a product level.

Xperia™ Z1 product page

Smart Watch 2 product page

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